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The British Agent comes to Chennai and let us welcome 007 who makes his entry crashing his car on bill boards :-)

I like this ad on the busy road of Chennai. For a change "Mr. Bond" is in India and he chose to drive India's darling the "Amby".  Aston Martin, BMW's and finally Grand Ambassador is what the British Agent is driving eh!!. A closer look at it in the later part of the day revealed they have cut a real amby into half and mounted in the billboard.

While this creative piece is praise worthy, this technique is not new to Chennai. Firstly, we had a Mitsubishi Lancer then and now Lancer Cedia mounted on a billboard after Kathipara junction towards the Airport(Should get a snap of that sometime). While Hindustan Motors is the company that is selling Mitsubishi cars in India they haven't promoted Amby their homegrown brand.

Secondly, there is one car mounted above roof height by a firm that sells Car Gas Kit . This is on your left while going towards Nandanam signal from Saidapet and is adjacent to MPL Ford showroom.

Hindustan Motors should be happy with this creative billboard while Amby gets an international Brand Ambassador now.

PS: There is a strong rumour that HM is planning to stop production of Amby. It may be true with the recent developments of workers agitation in the HM plant. Neverthless Amby owners be proud of the antiquity value and nostalgia it brings in you.



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